G.H.E.T.T.O. STORIES had a great night by having their special guests, Mr Mansa and Georgia on the show.

Mr Mansa is the owner of Tekadis Natural Products., our main mission is to supply the best quality natural body products at fair and competitive prices. Tekadis are high quality African Beauty products which uses top quality ingredients to give you very pleasant and memorable experience.

Georgia is a ASP expressionist (Abstract Spiritual Painting). Georgia  Fullerton mentions “My current body of work fuses abstract expressionism & lyrical abstraction. I approach each piece of art with intuitive curiosity, allowing texture, colour, shape and form to emerge and tell a story that opens my sensibilities to reveal discoveries and imaginings. My art informs me about myself as a creative being, my life and my place & purpose in the world; It is the truest part of who I am and what I do.”
Elaine Robinson mention that tonight’s show was sponsored by Mr Mansa. Thank you for your support and for giving the viewers a chance to Get Higher Education To Teach Others.

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